Trattore Launches Zero Apple Cider No Alcohol - 100% Australian Grown Fruit

A boutique non alcohol apple cider crafted from locally grown heritage cider apples on our orchard in West Gippsland, Victoria.

Trattore Zero, a zero alcohol cider, is the newest product added to the range of boutique Trattore ciders. It is a product especially made to meet the legal requirement for cider to be the product of fermentation while not producing significant alcohol, yet tasting fermented. A true cider, only without the alcohol.

This unique, intensely-flavoured sweet cider, does not compromise on the flavours of sweet-toffee, and the yeasty, malty, apple-cake aromas with sweet shortbread notes.

Trattore Zero is a quality boutique no alcohol cider made for the cider lover choosing to drink less alcohol and drink better, or wanting something different without substituting the quality. It is also catering to the growing demand for sophisticated boutique non-alcoholic beverages largely led by younger Australians. A trend that is no longer a January new year resolution, pause for a cause for febfast in February or go dry in July - it’s a conscious decision of drinking habits all year round. Responsible drinking in moderation.

Trattore Winemaker, Norman Levy, is well-pleased with the end result of this crazy, hare-brained scheme for the no alcohol, full flavoured cider, worked out together with a leading global Biotechnology firm and cooked-up in the Bellevue ‘backyard’. “Trattore Zero has a good, freshening acid bite balanced with a sweetness and a lingering apple compote aftertaste,” said Norman.

The Trattore range of boutique ciders is inspired by traditional methods and refreshingly modern flavours, and speaks to the the decades of love and hard work that three generations of the Russo family have poured into Bellevue Orchard.

“We’re excited to expand our cider range and add Trattore Zero as a no alcohol option that truly represents our Trattore brand. A quality no alcohol cider that has no preservatives and is made with only real, Australian fruit straight from our family orchard. From the whole family at Bellevue Orchard, we hope you love this very special apple cider as much as we do,” said Nick Russo, CEO at Bellevue Orchard.

Trattore Zero is available to buy in 330ml bottles and can be purchased online at Wholesale enquiries from liquor stores and hospitality venues are welcome, send an email to, for further information.

Visit Bellevue Farm Gate at Bellevue Orchard in Officer to enjoy and experience Trattore for yourself. Open Sunday to Thursday from 8:30am to 5:30pm, and Friday to Saturday, 8:30am to 7:30pm, and our tap van, Little Luka, open Friday to Sunday.