Trattore Pear Cider

24 x 330ml Trattore Earthen Pear Cider

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Using a secret blend of delicious dessert pears, this carefully-crafted Earthen Pear cider displays the fragrance of pear and mixed fruits as well as hints of floral notes. The subtle sweetness of fresh pear juice dances on the palate amid the classically crisp, clean qualities of Earthen Pear.

Owing to its lightness, Trattore Earthen Pear pairs excellently with fresh, delicate foods such as mild goat’s cheese and seafood and is also beautifully refreshing on its own.

Our winemaker, Normal Lever, has created this cider using traditional cider-making methods. It has been prepared with care here at our West Gippsland farm where we grow, crush, ferment and bottle all of our beverages.

In this bottle, we hope you will taste the sunshine, rain, wind and years of hard work that make Bellevue Orchard so unique. 

4.5% ALC/VOL.