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Trattore cider is inspired by traditional methods and refreshingly modern flavours. Family owned, locally grown and made in West Gippsland - our cider range is brimming with flavour and bears the trademark of our orchard’s unique location in rural Victoria. 
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Made with only real, Australian fruit, straight from our family orchard and other local orchards. 

Crafted with love, our ciders are meant to be savoured and enjoyed in the company of good friends, family, and fellow cider enthusiasts.

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An Australian cider range that you'll absolutely love.

Made at our working orchard in Officer.

From our traditional, full-bodied West Country- style cider to the light, bright freshness of our New World variety, the Trattore range is both sophisticated and exciting. The name ‘Trattore’ (Italian for ‘tractor’) speaks to the decades of love and hard work that three generations of the Russo family have poured into Bellevue Orchard. More than half a century after we began, it truly is amazing to see Trattore come into fruition.

All Trattore products are made right here on our working orchard in Officer, where we grow, crush, ferment and bottle ourselves. Every bottle of cider contains years of sunshine, rain, hard work and care.

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All fruit. No added sugar.