Our Story

Our family own and operated orchard, Bellevue Orchard in Officer Victoria, has been growing apples for three generations and making apple juice for over 20 years.

Back in 2012, we decided to plant a range of heritage cider apple varieties on our orchard. After a long wait and several years of anticipation, we are excited to release our unique apple cider made from these rare varieties.

Summer Snow Tractor Trattore Team Trattore Team Meeting

Where it all began...

Bellevue Orchard was first bought into the family by Angelo Russo and his brothers after they purchased the property in the early 1950's. In 1977 Angelo’s sons, Robert and Joe, purchased the orchard from their uncles and father, they expanded the orchard and planted some newer fruit varieties. In 1994, Joe’s daughter Bernadette began working on the orchard and later, Robert’s son Nicholas joined the team.

Trattore Team Bottling Trattore Team Fun

Then we grew and grew...

Family members started attending farmers markets and green grocers, letting people try real apple juice - very different from the juice made concentrates. Bellevue Orchard, regained its strength and continues to produce much of the fruit for our Summer Snow juices. 

Years later, Bellevue Orchard is proud to now include our sister brand, Trattore; a sophisticated, boutique Australian cider. Our mission is to provide customers with a quality alcoholic cider that has no preservatives and is made with only real, Australian fruit straight from our family orchard.