How to pair cider with cheese

There is, of course, a lot of talk about pairing wine with cheese. But what about cider? 

Cider is fast gaining a reputation as not just an alternative to wine or beer when indulging in your favourite cheeses, but in many cases, a better match. In fact, throughout history, cider and cheese have often been produced in the same regions and enjoyed together. 

The bittersweet notes of cider make a perfect addition to a cheese platter. And Australian cheese afficionado Will Studd has some expert tips on marrying cider with cheese for a flavour sensation

If a "rustic, cloudy" style cider is your game, for example, Will suggests taking your sips alongside a creamy camembert. 

He also reckons that a West Country style cider is one of the best ciders to pair with cheese — and especially with those cheeses that have traditionally been consumed in the traditional regions where this kind of style has been produced for hundreds of years. Will recommends pairing West Country cider with a farmhouse cheddar. 

When it comes to semi-sweet ciders (such as our clean, crisp, fresh New World variety) we recommend pairing with the rich, intense flavour of a blue cheese. 

And anyone who loves a pear and goat's cheese salad knows the unique wonder of combining these two flavours together. If it's perry (pear cider) that you're drinking, we recommend enjoying it alongside goat's cheese. Pear is a little lighter in flavour than apple, so matches perfectly with the strength and creaminess of goat's cheese. 

But don't take our word for it — next time you're kicking back on a relaxing afternoon with your favourite cider, experiment for yourself which cheeses creates a flavour sensation. It could be a revelation.