Happy National Apple Day!

Celebrate National Apple Day with us!

Imagine a day dedicated to all thing’s apple – apple pies that melt in your mouth, apple sauce, apple crisp… The list goes on. The celebration has been a beloved tradition in the UK, since the 90s by Common Ground; an organisation centred around community conservation and environmental education in England. Which is why this holiday resonates so much with us, here at Trattore– we love celebrating apples any chance we get! This UK tradition gives us the perfect opportunity to indulge a little.


The holiday was born out of deep appreciation of the fruit in all its countless forms. But also, to demonstrate the importance of maintaining the rich and diverse landscape and culture.


National Apple Day has grown in the UK, a testament to what apples (in all shapes and forms) mean to people. This is where Trattore can relate.


Our family-owned apple orchard, Bellevue Orchard, have been proudly supplying the freshest apples and pears to markets and grocers around the nation since 1953. Passed down through generations, our orchard has seen the business expand and evolve over the years.


However, back in January 1998, Bellevue truly grasped the importance of apples and maintaining a healthy environment. During the peak of Summer, an unexpected hailstorm hit the orchard, forever altering the course of our business. The large hailstones blanketed the orchard as if it were snow. Ripping through our orchard, it damaged our crops only days before they were set to be harvested.


Seeking to embrace nature’s unpredictability and drawing inspiration from the storm. A decision was made – to establish an apple juicing plant and create apple juice from real fruit.


In 2012, we embarked on another endeavour by planting a range of heritage cider apple varieties on our orchard. After a long wait and several years of anticipation, we were excited to release our unique apple cider made from these apples, marking the start of our brand, Trattore.


Given our history and deep appreciation we have for apples, our commitment to preserving their environment is truly important to us.


Join us as we celebrate the magic of apples and show gratitude to those who nurture them.