Father's Day — Celebrate with an Australian Cider!

Father’s Day celebrate the contributions fathers and father figures make to the lives of their children. Father’s Day will be celebrated on the Sunday 3rd September 2023. 

Dads aren’t always recognised and valued for what they do for us, so it’s important on a day like this to acknowledge their contributions and show them how much they mean to us.

Instead of the standard tie and sock gift purchased last minute. We are on a mission, here at Bellevue to inspire you to think outside the box for you dad, to makes lasting memories.

To show your love and gratitude why not make something extra sweet. Show your dad some love by grabbing or making a warm apple pie. The perfect edition to these colder months upon us. And if you’re thinking of a drink why not pair it with a delicious morning treat for dad, our Australian ciders.


Make him an Apple Pie

An option which never disappoints! This classic is the perfect way to wake your dad up on Father’s Day. The flaky on the outside and the buttery goodness on the inside make the experience delicious. The sweet cinnamon aftertaste is the perfect compliment.

They make a great winter pairing. The sweetness of the apple pie is best complimented by a sweeter style of Australian cider like our West Country or Zero alcohol ciders. You could even mull the cider for an especially cosy drink for dad.

We love this apple pie recipe from taste.com.

Set up a Family BBQ

Delicious food, happy family and maybe even some law games. Barbecues are a relaxing way to bring the whole family together and enjoy yourselves. Not to mention they are casual, so it is a low stress way to celebrate this Father’s Day. Have everyone bring a dish and reserve a space at your local park.

Go to a Sporting Event

Whether you are participating in the sport (like soccer) or watching it live (like footy). It’s a great way to spend some time with your dad, best accompanied by some Trattore Australian ciders. If he has a favourite team, you also could buy ticket and go to the game together. Even if you both live far from the MCG, plan a night out at a sports bar to watch the game together.

Let him relax.

If your dad is always up and about, he might appreciate the day just to take a break. Ask him what chores are on his to-do list and take care of them for him. Sometimes something as simple as cutting the grass or getting the shed sorted with him can take a big load off his mind!

 Get him sitting on the couch, the telly on and a Trattore Australian cider in his hand. With not a care in the world your dad can enjoy the day with his favourite show.

Make sure to celebrate how amazing your dad is with a great Father’s Day plan this year. It's about making sure that dad feels the love from everyone in the family.