Cider from West Country

England’s West Country region is home to rolling green hills, stunning coastline, historic buildings and river valleys.

It’s also home to some famous, traditional and fairly phenomenal cider. Many of these cider recipes have been handed down within families from generation to generation. Typically, West Country-style cider is slightly higher in alcohol and has a strong, bold flavour and cloudy appearance.

West Country is a style of cider that we at Trattore have enthusiastically paid homage to and embraced in one of our two cider varieties. Prepared on our very own orchard in West Gippsland, Victoria (where we grow, crush, ferment and bottles all our own fruit), our West Country cider is made using the same unique blend of heritage apples as originally used by cidermakers in England. 

The result is a cider that’s unmistakably reminiscent of the West Country — yet stands on its own as a modern Australian cider. The flavour is rich and intense, with a heavy presence of apples and a firm tannic structure. At 5.8 per cent, it’s also a little higher in alcohol than our lighter New World cider. We suggest drinking our West Country cider alongside cheese and bread — just like the farmers do in the West Country.