Award winning Australian Cider

In 2019 we were delighted to be awarded a Bronze Medal for our Trattore New World Cider. This award was a fantastic way to celebrate what we have achieved and will form the basis for our future success. We hope that you like our cider as much as the judges did - if not more!

The Australian Cider Awards was established in 2011 by CiderOz, led by cider apple expert David Pickering and producers James and Gail Kendell, as a way to encourage quality improvements and educate consumers about the diversity of cider.

The Awards is leading the standardisation and improvement of cider judging across Australia. In 2015, CiderOz developed a Style Guide tailored specifically to the Australian market that defines how products in each class should present in terms of aroma and flavour, appearance, mouthfeel and overall impression.

Each year, CiderOz bring an international cider expert to Australia to join the judging panel, run technical seminars and add an international perspective to the proceedings. In past years CiderOZ have been host to Tom Oliver, Andrew Lea and Bill Bradshaw from the UK, Gary Awdey and Eric West from the US, Malcolm Reeves from New Zealand, Claude Jolicoeur from Canada and Eduardo Vázquez Coto from Spain.